With Microsoft, a real heavyweight joined the NDI® community. Download the latest Skype Desktop for Mac or Windows, turn on NDI and all your calls will be available on the local network as NDI sources. This makes it super easy to work with Skype in mimoLive. If you don’t want to force your callers to sign up with Microsoft, mimoLive offers a great alternative with mimoCall.

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Tiger TV Live

Mary Williams, responsible for creating and running the Tiger TV program at King’s Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta, GA, says: “The kids perform a live show each school morning which is broadcast live on Facebook and archived to Vimeo for on-demand viewing. We have two teleprompter operators, two camera operators, a weather person and two anchors.  Then we keep three students to manage the next crew – they run the Mac with mimoLive, the sound board and one is a floor manager.” The groups with 6-7 students each are on for about 20 days, then the next crew takes over. “This way every 4th grade student gets their turn in the program and a chance to find their gift and talent, it might be anchoring, or they may like behind the scenes better, ” Mary continues, “Our teleprompter is backwards so our students who are "artsy" love it and have no problem reading it, the math students don't enjoy it at all. But know they have found out something they might not have known about how their brain works and how their friends have a talent they might not have.” Students apparently had a lot of fun with the episode shown in this example.

BirdDog Studio

The BirdDog Studio is a great device for converting SDI or HDMI sources to NDI®. It works great with mimoLive, for example to capture presentation slides from a speaker's laptop. The latest firmware also allows you to play NDI content out over HDMI or SDI, so you can use the BirdDog to show the mimoLive Program out on a studio monitor.

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Meteorologist John Marshall Now Answers Questions Live

Monitoring and answering comments is the holy grail of growing and engaging your audience. Meterologist John Marshall uses the updated Facebook Comments feature of mimoLive 4.3 for just that: Interacting with his viewers. Although his trusted old MacBook Pro has trouble processing the green screen in full HD at full frame rate and could use an update to a more recent model, what's important to John is that he can be on air at a moment's notice with the vital information that could save someone's life.

mimoLive 4.3: Facebook Comments, Reactions, Page Likes

At NAB, broadcasters from small TV stations to University media teams told us that their biggest challenge is engaging the viewers and that many were looking for social media integration to foster a stronger relationship with their viewers. mimoLive 4.3 delivers great tools to help with that without breaking the bank.

A new Social Media Source in connection with new and updated layers offers these features:

Facebook Comments

Moderating and answering comments on air is the key to successful audience engagement. mimoLive now offers an affordable and easy way to monitor incoming comments and to put them on air for the audience to read along. Comments can be shown as a continuous flow or one by one. The new Social Media source lets you grab the comments of any live video stream your Facebook account has access to.

Facebook Reactions

User reactions to your live stream are a great way to let viewers participate. For example you can let them vote on an issue and display the results in near real-time in your stream. Audiences love to give feedback like this and it’s a great way to ensure a high level of interaction with your post.

Facebook Page Likes

A bigger audience is always better and giving them the gratification of seeing the counter go up in your live stream when they click on that Like button on your page will help you to grow yours. The counter can be linked to any of your pages and shows the number of Likes in almost real-time.

For more changes and fixes, see the mimoLive 4.3 release notes.

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